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We believe in making a conscious community by creating a strong solar energy driven environment


Energy Savings

Save upto 20%, time to say Goodbye to your electricity bills.

Easy Installation

Hassle-free quick Installation of Solar Products at your residence or factory

Low Maintenance

Our high-quality products require minimal maintenance

Utilize unlimited source of energy

Save on your Electricity bills

Economical and long- lasting technology

Co-operation with nature at its best

Constant innovation passes a brighter future

Bringing Solar Power To People, One Roof At A Time

“We are very happy with the solar water heaters installed by PATSOL (Patel Solar Tech Pvt. Ltd)”

Parikh Nursing, Home - Vapi

“We have doing business with PATSOL (Patel Solar Tech Pvt. Ltd.) for solar panels. This company has provided us Excellent quality, On-time Delivery and technical support. There are many manufacturers of solar panels Gujarat and in other states as well but we have approved only PATSOL (Patel Solar Tech Pvt. Ltd.) for solar panels taking into consideration all the above factors.”

Kedarashwar, Temple - Bardoli

“We are very much happy with the solar water heaters & Solar Led Light installed by PATSOL (Patel Solar Tech Pvt. Ltd.)”

Harry G

Sleek and Highly Efficient Solar Panels

Delivering quality solar energy based products since 2008

Today There Are Multiple Ways to Go Solar

Don’t Know Where to Start?


The leasing company owns the system on your roof.


You own your solar system and pay for it with a loan.


The simplest path is to purchase your system directly.

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Let Us Help You Save Money!

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