Solar Pump in Surat

Solar Pump

Patsol is one of the leading Solar pumps suppliers in Gujarat. As the electricity prices rise exponentially, in the past ten years, diesel prices have also increased by 20% on average. Patsol Water Pumps are a perfect alternative for low maintenance and durable product.

Solar Pumps are a perfect choice for people involved in the agriculture and commercial sector, as this technology is neither dependent on electricity nor diesel. Thus people at remote locations can avail the benefit of Patsol Solar Pump by increasing the time farmers, and labours invest in fields rather than miles ferrying for water or facing electricity supply cut, motor breakage etc.

Patsol Solar Pumps are designed with the latest technology which lowers the risk of damages and protects it from many unfavourable conditions. Patsol pump systems have been tested and proven to be cost-effective and reliable, and they are already raising levels of agricultural & commercial productivity.

Why Patsol Water Pumps?


No fuel cost


Long- operating life

Why Patsol?