Solar DC Cable

A Solar DC Cable

Patsol is one of the major suppliers of Solar Dc Cable in Gujarat. . A solar DC cable is the nexus between solar panels and other electronic components in the photovoltaic system. They are the means of generating photovoltaic power. Inherently designed to withstand fluctuating weather conditions, UV rays and harsh chemicals.

Due to these qualities, it’s application is mostly outdoors. However with introduction of “halogen free flame retardant cross-linked jacket material” it can be installed against humid indoor environment.

Patsol Solar DC cable can withstand an ambient temperature of -40°C to +90°C, lasts up to 30 years even under tough external conditions.Solar cables are intented for use in photovoltaic power supply systems. They are also buried in ground for constructional covered systems. Usually used in residential and large scale solar farms.

Why Patsol Solar DC Cable?

Weather resistant

Insulation resistant

Fast installation with color identification

Flame retardant

Why Patsol?