Installation of the Solar System on a large scale is one of the best initiatives as there is no requirement of land. Best part of the Solar System is Electricity is consumed where it is generated; there would be no element of transmission loss and such plants would be in the general interest of the public at large as well as State Utilities. Therefore, with a view of large demand for solar rooftop systems on private residential roofs or terraces, our Government has introduced a subsidy scheme for solar rooftop systems in the residential sector. 

Solar Rooftop Subsidy 2019 - Surya Scheme - Solex Energy Limited

In India Gujarat is the state which hosted the largest wind-solar hybrid park of the world. For Solar rooftop System, the budget provided by Gujarat in Year 2020-2021 is Rs 912 crore in subsidy under Surya Gujarat Yojana. Surya Gujarat Yojana is a scheme under which residential consumers will get 40% subsidy on the cost of the solar system up to 3 KW and 20% subsidy for more than 3 kW and up to 10 kW capacity. 

Take the advantage of Rooftop Solar Subsidy before it ends| Ujaas ...


• The solar rooftop system is installed within the house or building of the service connection, either on their roof or available space on ground. 

• The solar rooftop system will be one of the ownership of the consumer. 

• The house or building where the solar system is going to install is one of the ownership of the consumer. 

• The Solar cells which are going to be used in solar modules which will be deployed in the solar rooftop system shall be compulsory manufactured in India. i.e. Solar cells or Modules of Non-Indian Company will not be eligible for subsidy under this scheme. 

• After Feasibility approval of Consumer Particular Solar company will have 70 days limit for installation process. 

• The consumer shall not be allowed to get any other benefit from any other scheme of the Central Government, for the same investment i.e. Solar Rooftop System, and if found to have taken benefit from any other scheme of the Government, the amount of subsidy will be recovered. 

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