Solar Array Junction Box

Solar DCDB

Patsol is a supplier of Array Junction Box (AJB). AJB is also called DCDB (Direct Current Distribution Box), a segment of a power supply framework which partitions an electrical power feed into auxiliary circuits while giving a defensive wire or electrical switch for each circuit.

DCDB is used for the purpose of protecting the system irrespective of it being Solar Panels or batteries. It is an integral and significant aspect of the SPV system for it is desirable that there is enough protection in DC side. In order to switch off the system while a fault occurs, there exists an Isolator/Breaker for immediately switching off the system.

DCDB controls the DC control from Solar Panels and with having fundamental flood insurance gadget (SPD) and breakers to secure the solar-oriented board’s strings and sunlight based inverter from harm.

Solar ACDB

The ACDB (Alternative Current Distribution Box) gets the AC control from the solar-oriented inverter and guides it to AC stacks through the appropriation board.

It is an important part of SPV system. It gives extra protection to the system in case of failures on load side.ACDB is made up of breaker, isolators, voltage and current monitoring etc. To ensure maximum protection to the sophisticated electronic equipment, It has provision for surge protection in the box along with fuses.

Also ACDB have energy meter which help you to know how much energy you are using or withdrawing from the solar energy. Details of ACDB may change according to load or inverter limit. ACDB gave at the link ending point radiating from 5 KVA Solar Inverter for interconnection control of devoted electrical burdens.

Why Patsol Solar ACDB DCDB?

High Quality Fuse

Surge Protection

Voltage regulation

Compatible Design

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