Connection between Installation and the Admin Department

Solar Panel Installation

After the initial documentation is carried out by the admin after a lead is converted. The installation team is ready to install the panels at the customer site. The Admin department makes a list of the work as per the payment made by the customer. The installation team comprises of:

Welder-  who completes all the welding work in the structure.

Weir man – who does all the wiring work of the system

Team leader– who inspect all the work and also take care of the safety measurement of their team members.

Before reaching any sites for installation, the team has to keep all the necessary equipment and raw materials like pipes for giant structures (hot dip G.I), solar panels, inverters, ACDB/DCDB meter, wires and sketch up plans etc. At the site, our installation team cut all the pipes according to the given site plan. 

Installation team first built a super structure or structure of solar from pipes. Then they put the solar panel on that structure. Now weir men connect all the panels with each other and complete their wiring job. Earthing and L.A work is also done by a wiring man. After that installation team will connect this panel structure with ACDB/DCDB Meter and inverter. Now, most of the installation work is done. So now the leader of our installation team will check all the installed system and then check its work starting to end. He will check the leg of the structure, waterproofing and concreting work, wiring work, also work of inverter and meter and L.A earthing. If everything is as per the norms, then the installation work is completed. Then the leader of the Installation team has to report their work to the admin department. They also have to send reports of each and every single solar panel’s serial number or QR code. Serial number of inverter and meter is also noted by the installation team. Now the installation team gives this all information to the admin department. Admin department updates their customer checklist in a hard or online portal. 

Now the admin department uses all serial numbers of panels and inverters for further process of self certificate, which through a subsidy is claimed by our company. 

The main purpose of coordination / communication between admin and installation team is to exchange the data of solar installation work. 

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