Why Solar

Why solar?

To meet the increasing electricity needs, idea of homemade electricity like Rooftop Solar Panel is being taken into consideration as it enables electricity generation at subsidized prices.

India is known to produce highest electricity as it receives abundant tropical sunshine and clear skies 300 days a year and this is why residential solar installation makes the most sense in India. Below mentioned benefits of solar power are enough to convince oneself to go solar.

Save on your electricity bill

Opting for solar leads to reduction in your electricity expenses. With an average figure of 12000/- yearly amount taking it to 3 lakhs for next 25 years, here you get a chance of generating free power for your system’s entire 25+ year lifecycle.Even if you don’t produce 100 percent of the energy you consume, solar will reduce your utility bills and you’ll still save a lot of money.

Greater returns on Investment

Solar panels generates an average ROI of 20-30% thus making it an investment and not an expense. To be precise, on the consumption of 800Kwh per month at 2.25 Kwh, monthly expense would be Rs. 1800/- which can be turn out to be your savings on installing solar.                                  

Increase Property Value

Many studies show that the property value automatically enhances for houses equipped with solar apparatus. Appraisers are constantly taking into consideration solar installations over non-solar houses

Join the Green Side

Solar panels avoid emissions, reduces climatic issues and health related problems. An average household produces around 20 metric tons of carbon waste every year; by going solar any household can reduce that by 4-5 tons which is equivalent to planting 100 trees.

Energy Efficiency

Beat the hike in the electricity price by opting for Solar which will also aid you with predicting monthly bills at ease. Spending a little in the installation will certainly benefit in reducing your expenses.

Local Economic Growth

Solar manufacturing industries generate various job opportunities offering better pay for low-and middle-skilled workers which in turn brings in more money into the local economy.

Produce Your Own Clean Energy

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