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Solar Anchor Fastener and J Clamp

The Patsol solar anchor fastener and J Clamp are specifically designed solar hardware, a reliable screw with special connecting threaded rods. This design ensures the easy assembly and secure fixing of the solar and photovoltaic installations.

The Solar Anchor fastener is a user-friendly hardware tool for mounting of solar panels and makes it easy to install solar panels with safety. Patsol is the leading supplier of anchor fasteners in the industry and for residential projects .

A solar J clamp is developed specifically customized to attach Panel quickly to standing seam roof . The J shaped clamp allows solar panels to securely lock into place with just the weight of the panel. The J clamp helps the panel withstand heavy wind currents and keeps the light weight panels steady.

C Clamp

c clamp patsol

The C clamp is a device specifically designed for the attachment of PV modules directly onto C shaped profiles. They are made of plastics and PVC. These PVC made-Clamps are the most cost-effective solution as there is no need for intermediate rails or sub-frames, nor drilling or cutting. Additionally, the required fitting time is significantly less than that of any other fixing solution.

Cable Ties

Cable Ties patsol

Cables Ties are used for fixing and supporting cables, pipes, and other elements. The polyamide 11 used to manufacture these ties offers excellent resistance to chemicals in even the most challenging environments. These cable Ties have excellent resistance to chemicals and are highly recommended for use especially on solar panel installations. In addition, the material has a high impact resistance to low temperatures which enables it to be used in areas where it is cold. They are available in all sizes and has a width of 1.8MM to 9MM.

Conduit Pipes

Conduit pipes Patsol

Conduit pipe is used in areas that require bending or where vibrations will occur. Solar conduit is the electrical wires run through from your solar panels to your house. The size of the pipe varies from 19mm or 25mm and is available in length for as long as 3 meters.


mc4 patsol

MC4 connectors are single-contact electrical connectors commonly used for connecting solar panels. The MC in MC4 stands for the manufacturer Multi-Contact and the 4 for the 4mm diameter contact pin. MC4s allow strings of panels to be easily constructed by pushing the connectors from adjacent panels together by hand, but require a tool to disconnect them to ensure they do not accidentally disconnect when the cables are pulled. MC4 and compatible products are universal in the solar market today.

Earthing Rod

earthing rod patsol

The provided rod is used to connect the electric circuits of the solar panels to the ground for preventing shocks. The offered rod is manufactured with the aid of forefront techniques by our diligent experts by making use of premium quality basic material.

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