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Solar Anchor Fastener and J Clamp

The Patsol solar anchor fastener and J Clamp are specifically designed solar hardware, a reliable screw with special connecting threaded rods. This design ensures the easy assembly and secure fixing of the solar and photovoltaic installations.

The Solar Anchor fastener is a user-friendly hardware tool for mounting of solar panels and makes it easy to install solar panels with safety. Patsol is the leading supplier of anchor fasteners in the industry and for residential projects .

A solar J clamp is developed specifically customized to attach Panel quickly to standing seam roof . The J shaped clamp allows solar panels to securely lock into place with just the weight of the panel. The J clamp helps the panel withstand heavy wind currents and keeps the light weight panels steady.

Why Patsol Solar Anchor Fastener & J Clamp?


Non- Corrosive


Transfers load

Why Patsol?