Types of Solar Subsidies in Gujarat

Solar Energy Policy In Gujarat - Amplus Solar

The Government of Gujarat in order to promote the solar industry has taken one of the best decisions of providing solar rooftop subsidy in the State. The aim behind this initiative is that uptill 2021 the government wants to achieve its target of covering two lakhs rooftop of the households by solar panel and generating 1600 MW of Solar power. The government is providing a subsidy of 40% for the 3KW system and 20% subsidy on the above 3KW-10KW system. The Subsidy will be also given to Society as well as Flats for Common electricity usage like common lights, Lift System etc. 

In the current year, people can take benefits of Solar Subsidy using Surya Gujarat Yojana if they fall under the given criteria. 

Solar Rooftop Subsidy 2019 - Surya Scheme - Solex Energy Limited

• The solar rooftop system is installed within the house or building of the service connection, either on their roof or available space on ground. 

• The solar rooftop system will be one of the ownership of the consumer. 

• The house or building where the solar system is going to install is one of the ownership of the consumer. 

• The consumer shall not be allowed to get any other benefit from any other scheme of the Central Government, for the same investment i.e. Solar Rooftop System, and if found to have taken benefit from any other scheme of the Government, the amount of subsidy will be recovered. 

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