The whole documenting process in the company is generally done by the Admin Department. It is the heart and soul of any company. If we talk in particular about PATSOL, our company got around 2200 KW work. We are a family of 600 customers now. So how do we make sure  that all our customers are happy or how do we manage the new additions of the customers in our long list. So let me get through the work processes of the admin department:

10kW solar systems are becoming very popular, here's why.

1 The management of all leads which is generated by the salesperson is managed by the admin.

2 The entire documenting process which is physically collected by the salesperson is managed by us.

3 After verification done by the portal , pdf of the Application form is generated (if all the documents are verified and if there is any problem in the documents then the application is in Query) .

4 Signature of the customer is taken on the application form, which is uploaded on the portal.

5 After all the formalities, full payment from the customer is collected by the management of the company. And then that individual becomes a part of the solar rooftop system.

6 The management of the company gives a time period of three months to install the solar panels at the customer site.

7 Some legal documents are also executed by the admin such as an agreement and a contract between the company and the customer, so as to protect both the parties in case of an unforeseen event.

As soon as the technical team completes the installation process and the meter is given by GEB/Torrent, our system starts. A proforma form is given to the customer for the signature. After this all, the next process of subsidy claim is started by the admin. 

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